Edit: When clicking "Share" in the level editor, the level code gets copied to your clipboard, so you can still share it!

Are you cunning enough to beat all eight towers? Are you canny enough to find the secrets behind it? Test your skills in 64 levels over 8 towers, populated with 12 unique creatures! - Level Editor brings endless possibilities after the main levels!

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vese...

iOS: Currently can't afford developer fees.

♥ If I ever receive any donations form this, It'll go to help cover my college expenses  ♥

Join me on the Discord channel for updates, discussion, level sharing, donation status, share your own creations, talk with me or other players/creators,... The link for the channel is located inside the android version, but if you do not own such a device, you can still join us: https://discord.gg/4QEQ4pz

Contact:  veselivepar@gmail.com 

Also available on

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This is a really neat idea! Gives me a chess vibe. Please keep up on this.

Appreciate your comment! New major update is live! Even thought less than 100 people know this game exists. It would be awesome If I could find a reliable way to bring it to more people.

Amazing gameplay and graphics! I love how it takes strategy and practice to beat every level!

Sorry for the late reply; I appreciate your comment!

New major update is live!