(Game looks better on a Android device since it was originally made for mobile devices)

* All levels are bug-tested and possible *
* There is a super secret dark room *

>>> Stomp them before the stomp you, reach the next floor! <<<

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vese...

iOS: Currently can't afford developer fees.

♥ Anykind of support would mean a whole lot of a world to me ♥

~ veselivepar@gmail.com ~

NOTICE that there is still plenty of room for new content. Just wanted to share this first ever project that I decided to actually finish, but since I would not be able to work on it for some time now, I wanted to see if it is even worth working on because if it is not well received then I have other things to spend my precious time on.

Also available on


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This is a really neat idea! Gives me a chess vibe. Please keep up on this.

Amazing gameplay and graphics! I love how it takes strategy and practice to beat every level!

Sorry for the late reply; I appreciate your comment!