Simple online version of this new, innovative and strategic board game by pocket83!

For Rules and Gameplay, check his YouTube video:

Click on tiles/pieces to select them, then click a valid tile to move them onto. (see rules below or in the linked video)

Right button to pass your turn to the next player, left button to undo a move in the current turn, and middle button to enter settings where:

Right button changes the display mode (shift board or shift buttons), left button restarts the game, and buttons with arrows down/up respectively copy/load the game state. (click anywhere on the board/background to leave the settings)

Note: To save the game state to your clipboard and to be able to copy it back from your clipboard (and store it in a .text file), you would need to download the attached .jar version of the game, since html version does not access your clipboard.

Here is the rule sheet (How to play) :


Hexpath.jar 7 MB

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